Small Pack

SMALL PACK: 1-10 Pages

You can choose between 5 different page designs to apply in your website. For example:

  • Index page: Photo slider.
  • Resume: General resume with links to movies/television/video work & pages with a short description. if it's a company, a short resume of it.
  • News: Updates of your work with photos per note & video.
  • Gallery: Photo galleries. (Max photos 90)
  • Contact form: Contact form (e-mail) & offices/agent's info.
  • Your pages will be distributed in the sections you choose. you don't need to use all, you can update it or use it when you think you need to do it.


  • Social Media links: If you have social media, we add the links to your web site footer or header.
  • Share: Some pages will have share links.
  • Others: You will have a responsive website that works in any mobile device; Favicon (an icon to identify your website); Google Anaylics to check how many visitors you have; Metatag & Sitemap that helps to make google servers find your site easily.

  • Update site: We update your news page & the info in your pages.
  • Social Media: We can help you to create & update social media, we have packages which include updaing your website & social media.